Interview with Emma García, at Los Naranjos Golf Club

Back in 2005 Emma started working at Los Naranjos, until today. Mainly she makes sure that the club continues to be one of the best golf clubs in Spain. Los Naranjos continues to be a benchmark and Emma continues her professional work after ten years. Needless to say, there have been many changes during all this time …

What have been the most substantial changes since you arrived ten years ago?

Well, it’s been a while. Many have been the changes, obviously. But mainly everything that refers to the relationship with the client. The partners and the friendship relationship is something that is closely linked in Los Naranjos. On the other hand, the field has constantly improved thanks to its maintenance by the professional team that works there every day.

It seems that Los Naranjos is more than just a golf club, especially when it comes to its members. Do you agree?

Absolutely. It is something closely related to what we mentioned earlier. In Los Naranjos, your partners feel at home. Taking into account that we are one of the best golf courses in Spain and that we are on the Costa del Sol or the Costa del Golf … Here our members enjoy good gastronomy, the fantastic climate, fun, leisure … What more could you ask of life?

In addition to the golf course itself, you have a beauty salon, wellness, Business Club, Golf academy … Could you tell us about these services?

Yes, all of this is part of our intention to make our members feel at home. You can be a player or not, but all these facilities are available to anyone. You can get in shape, give yourself a massage, do a table of exercises or specific workouts, do Pilates, take the opportunity to learn to play golf or even improve your technique. Here we also combine leisure and work, taking into account that many executives travel to Marbella.

What would be the next short and long term changes in Los Naranjos?

As I said before, we always try to innovate. Basically we are trying to understand and adjust our services to what our partners and clients demand. It is a matter of knowing how to understand and offer what they need. There’s no other way. So in the short and long term, we will innovate as always, adapting our structure, our field, philosophy, marketing, advertising, our relationships with the client …

As we headed here, from the parking lot and contemplated one of the classic views of one of the most important golf courses on the Costa del Sol, we thought… Is this place really that special?

There is a photo of Los Naranjos that is already a classic. Do you remember that one in which La Concha is seen in the background, the Sierra Blanca? This mountain is responsible for us enjoying this special microclimate, which provides us with all those warm days for much of the year. Simply by seeing that photo, you already fall in love and understand why this is one of the best courses in Spain …

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