Biodiversity and environment at Los Naranjos Golf Club

If there is something that has always characterized Los Naranjos Golf Club, it has been its special attention to biodiversity and the environment. Being aware at all times of the importance of respect for nature and animals, as a golf course, is one of the essential premises of the Club.

New tenants on the golf course are once again protagonists during these sunny days. The Canadian geese are the last guests that Los Naranjos GC welcomes as a sign of its constant commitment to biodiversity and environmental protection. The course has always expressed its desire to combine golf and respect for nature. Large open spaces, golf courses where different native species coexist, with others that are not so much, such as these Canada Geese on this occasion.

In addition to the animals that coexist on the golf course, it is a luxury to be able to admire the different types of trees and the varied vegetation that makes it possible for these same tenants to live comfortably.

The Canada goose is a very popular bird from North America, usually in all the states that border Canada and all its provinces. They adapt easily to any habitat but mainly need grass, seeds or berries. Their migratory habits are being modified due to climate change and the effect of humans.

For Los Naranjos GC it is a pleasure to be able to contribute and facilitate these birds to recover in number, since they have been drastically reduced since the beginning of the 20th century. A work that is carried out constantly in support of the nature protection program to which the club has joined for some time.

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