Los Naranjos, the first golf club to incorporate “WiFi Marketing”

The Los Naranjos Golf Club has recently incorporated an innovative and exclusive WiFi system with the aim of enhancing its marketing and data control strategy. This new and interesting project will allow the club to adjust its offers in a timely manner according to the characteristics and tastes of its visitors. Now, the communication between the club and the client will be much more effective and of high value in its contents.

Nowadays it is taken for granted that the WiFi connection service is a critical service, and that it must exist in its free-use mode. These connection services to the WiFi network must meet some Golden rules: Quality, Security and Control over the network. Currently, and in the context of innovation, the most significant advances go through the optimization and implementation of tools that serve as a communication channel between users and the establishment, via WiFi.

Do not forget that for any company, marketing strategies and tools are essential to understand what the customer needs. New technologies allow us to make more and more effective use of these tools. In this way, through the telecommunications operator Cibersuite, Los Naranjos has been able to successfully implement this new system that allows the development of “WiFi Marketing” and all its possibilities.

The WiFi Marketing concept is quite simple. It is about registering the data of the user who passes through the establishment, showing their main characteristics and behavior habits: gender, age, language, origin, dates of visit, hours of visit and all kinds of relevant information so that the company can know your customer 100%.

Los Naranjos GC will be able to understand perfectly the type of needs that the visitor who usually enjoys the facilities may have, depending on the season. All this thanks to a large amount of information that emerges from the daily record made by the WiFi Marketing platform.

On a technical level, the resolution and the result of the WiFi connection are notably improved, thanks to high technology and the new network access points that Cibersuite has installed in the golf club, thus improving the experience for all customers.

Cibersuite is a telecommunications operating company with more than 10 years of experience and international presence, its first business model is based on the installation of WiFi networks in hotel chains and independent hotels, banking, health, Smart City, organized restaurants and all kinds of events.

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