The world’s most famous secret agent also spends the summer in Marbella

Firstly, it is well known that Marbella is a glamorous city. It all started in the 60s with the arrival of celebrities and aristocrats of that time.

Nowadays, this glamour still continues. However, it has been adapting to modern times and this city is currently one of the favourites ones among celebrities of the moment.

At the end of the 70s, the Casino de Marbella emerged, coinciding with the luxury tourism that was already established in Marbella.

Now the secret agent can be you.

More and more, along with golf tourism, we are looking for other complements in our leisure activity. Therefore, the Casino of Marbella can be the perfect complement for when the sun goes down.

In fact, after you’ve enjoyed a round of golf at Los Naranjos GC, dressing up and impersonate J. Bond for a night, it will be fun.

Casino of Marbella; notes of current interest.

Regarding the Marbella Casino, it opened its doors in 1978 and since then it has been visited by practically all the nationalities of the world.

Moreover, it also offers a very exclusive atmosphere and maximum discretion. For example, it currently has rigorous security protocols to deal with Covid19.

As for the Casino team, they are provided with masks, gloves and face shields. Tables and aisles are perfectly organized to maintain a safe distance. Shared devices are continuously disinfected. Also the access to the premises and its capacity is limited.

On the other hand, the temperature of both employees and customers is taken before entering the facilities.

Cleaning has been intensified, for example each slot machine is disinfected after each client.

Nevertheless, the restaurant is currently closed. However, they have a snack service on demand.

Golf, beach, dinners and fun.

In conclusion, you can add to your nightlife a visit to the casino during your holidays. After all, the important thing is to have a good time when you are in Marbella.

In general, all the establishments have been adapted to the new needs and have implemented the Covid protocol.

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