Golf tourism linked to enotourism on the Costa del Sol

To begin with, the summer season is marked by the golfers who visit us when they come to the Costa del Sol to enjoy their holidays.

In general, we believe that combining golf and gastronomy is part of the ritual of every golfer who comes to Marbella.

Hacienda Los Naranjos at Los Naranjos Golf Club.

Currently, due to Covid-19, the necessary measures have been taken to have the restaurant open. Regarding the new hours, the kitchen is open every day from 9am to 7pm.

Luckily, before playing your game at Los Naranjos you will be able to have breakfast or perhaps after finishing reserve a table for lunch.

On the other hand, the golfer who is used to having an early dinner Hacienda might be the perfect place. The atmosphere of the restaurant, the social distance between table and table and also its menu will make you have a pleasant evening.

For wine lovers …

Fortunately, Hacienda Los Naranjos Restaurant boasts an exceptional wine cellar. It also offers a selection of the best red and white wines to meet the expectations of the most demanding oenologist.

What about if you wanted to see vineyards of a state winery in person? In Ronda you will have plenty of options.

More and more we like to combine certain experiences when we travel, play golf seaking sun and beach tourism. For that reason Marbella has a fantastic enclave. Actually, from Los Naranjos GC you can get to Ronda practically in about an hour.

Therefore, in addition to golf, you can do wine tourism in one of the most beautiful regions of Spain. For example, you can take a guided visit in one of its vineyards and learn all its secrets in making its wines.

After all, if you play golf during your holidays, new experiences will add value to your trip.

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