Enjoy golf and discover also the wonderful nature of Marbella

To begin with, Marbella not only has a wide range of golf courses, but you can also enjoy its nature.

Nowadays you can add a new hobby and still keep practising your favourite sport, golf. Hiking has become fashionable and Marbella meets enviable conditions.

Actually hiking will favour your physical conditioning and thus disguise more of your golf. Furthermore, you can change the greenery of Los Naranjos GC for the greenery of nature.

Hiking on the Sendero del Juanar – Puerto Marbella.

In fact, you have the possibility to enjoy nature just few kilometres away from the city of Marbella. For example, if you decide to do the Juanar hiking route you will enjoy one of the best views of Marbella’s coast.

Luckily, Sierra Blanca has two strategic viewpoints that will make your walk through nature much more pleasant. These are the Mirador del Corzo and Mirador del Macho Montés.

In addition to these fabulous views, you will find an spectacular flora, such as Mediterranean pine forests, chestnut trees and cherry trees.

And if you are lucky enough, you may even see its fauna.

As a matter of fact, the famous viewpoints give their names to two of the most abundant species in the area, the roe deer and the mountain goat.

Therefor, it is not surprising that during your route you can see the fauna among the pine forests. In this way, walking through Sierra Blanca will become a unique experience.

From the above, one can conclude that walking in nature will not only benefit you in terms of having a new healthy habit. On the other hand will help you to better endure the demands of the 18-hole course of Los Naranjos.

In the end, all in all, oxygenating yourself in the middle of nature a few kilometres from the city is a privilege that very few have within their reach.

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