Los Naranjos GC Memberships

The interest in our golf course has increased and over the last two years we have welcomed 91 new members to the club, being both share transfers, new shares and annual memberships.

The majority of our members is still Scandinavian but we are receiving more and more members and interest requests from other European countries as well and we now have a variety of new countries represented in our club, such as China, Ukraina and Austria. The shares that were on offer on the private market were practically all sold out during 2014-2016. The price of single and family shares sold on the private market increased notably the last years with a difference of almost the double from 2013 to 2017. Today it´s very difficult to find a second-hand share compared to a few years ago at the same time as the interest of Los Naranjos memberships is growing.

To enable more members joining the club, for the 40th Years Anniversary our majority owners decided to release shares at a reduced price and at the same time withdraw the 30.000€ ”Playing Right” from the market since there never was any high request for this type of membership. Today, Los Naranjos has about 260 members, counting share members, Business Club and annual members, and the number is continuously growing.

The intention of the majority owners is to always offer reserved members´ tee times in balance with the number of members, adjust the commercial tee times and prices to reach the optimal situation with less rounds but with a higher revenue. Already last year the medium rate increased with less tear of the course still presenting a higher final revenue.

Los Naranjos is Spain’s most successful Golf Club regarding online bookings. Last year the online bookings increased with 80%  and this year we are up with another 60%. Taking into consideration these remarkable results, the club will continue to invest in our knowledge about e-commerce to be more independent when it comes to the sale of green fees.

The number of rounds played by members are up by 8% and the members´participation in tournaments is also increasing. It´s fantastic to witness the vibrant social life that our beloved members bring to the Club. As usual the club will send out the updated event and competition calendar in August.


Los Naranjos is a dog friendly Club for Members with dogs. Dogs are allowed on the course under the owner’s responsibility. However, a golf course need to fertilize and use products that might not be healthy for dogs. The responsibility of the dog is at all time the owner´s. We would also like to remind you that all dogs should be leeched at all times, no matter the size of the dog.

With a growing number of bags stored at the club we would like to remind our members that included in your annual membership fee, you are entitled to store: one golfbag, one trolley, access to one dressing room cabinet.

Smokers, please don’t throw cigarette butts on the course, it takes 2-5 years to break it down, it also looks very ill with cigarette butts all over the course, we all want to present Los Naranjos in a clean and respectable way.

At the 40´th Anniversary Paul Bramley and Jim Broberg were honored with the following recognitions:

To Mr.  Jim Broberg

In appreciation of your effort, excellent work and collaboration

during times of trial in the club.

Los Naranjos Golf Club

Marbella, 5th April 2017

We are happy to see Jim Broberg and his wife Ewa Lotta Eklund Broberg as honorable members in Los Naranjos GC during 2017.


To Mr. Paul Bramley

In appreciation of your brilliance, creativity and motivation,

bringing to the club the good spirit of a true sportsman and gentleman.

Los Naranjos Golf Club

Marbella, 5th April 2017

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