The old town of Marbella.

The historic centre is the perfect complement for the golfer who comes to play at Los Naranjos GC. Our visitors can take advantage of their stay to know one of the most charming places on the Costa del Sol.

The old town is different from the rest of the city. With its narrow streets, boutiques, restaurants, plants and flowers; this part of the town provides to all tourists and visitors with life and joy. In fact, you will be able to walk and discover the historic part of Marbella, through its white facades and paved floors typical of historic Andalusian villages.

Plaza de los Naranjos.

It is a mandatory stop on this tour. Visitors can stop for a drink or eat in one of many restaurants around the square. Afterwards, you can continue the walk and admire the Arab Walls and Towers. These buildings were built in the 11th century of which some still remain intact nowadays.

The climate in Marbella accompanies to all visitors most of the year. So, when night comes, the terraces of the restaurants and the aroma of flowers make the old town an ideal place. In this way, you can sit and enjoy a dinner with friends or a romantic evening if you come with your partner.

After dinner in numerous cocktail bars you can extend the night. Luckily, Marbella has a cheerful and relaxed atmosphere. But the most adventurous visitors can continue the party not far from the old town in the Marina.

Overall, Marbella offers history, good weather and fun every day of the year.  

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