Fabulous things about playing golf during spring summer seasons in a warm golf destination like Marbella.

Let’s be honest, we all enjoy playing golf in warm and sunny conditions. There is something special about testing yourself on a links golf course in cold and windy weather in the UK. However, when it comes to Spain, pleasant weather is important.

Below you will find some fabulous things about playing golf during spring summer season on the Costa del Sol.


Firstly, there is no better feeling than stepping onto the first tee in spring summer season with the warm sun dappled on your face through the trees. Knowing you do not need to wear your knitwear and just with a polo shirt will suffice is a great feeling.

In general everyone loves a challenge but that does not always mean playing in testing weather conditions. Why not relax in the sun and enjoy the challenge of the golf course by playing at Los Naranjos?

The good thing about playing golf during spring in Marbella is the temperature. Also humidity is not high at this time of year. Moreover you will remain comfortable throughout the round.

Course condition.

Nowadays many golf courses have less players using them during the winter. This gives the golf course staff plenty of time to work on the course and prime it ready for the spring season. Therefore, when playing at a warm golf destination you will often find the golf courses are in superb condition.

Actually the flowers and trees will also be colourful on the Costa del Sol at this time of year. Furthermore the current closure of golf courses during Covid-19 are giving an extra rest to
Los Naranjos GC that will be in impeccable conditions when reopens.

Beat the crowds.

Many players are waiting for golf courses to reopen before they can play golf again. This means you might find more people on the golf courses the first weeks. For that reason, wait for further news and book in advance to avoid disappointments.

One of the fabulous things about playing golf after coronavirus will be the number of people on the golf course. In fact, we believe that due to golf measures during Covid-19 will have an impact on the number of players.

We forecast similar scenario during summer. The numbers will be lower and this will allow you to enjoy a more relaxing and safely round of golf. The fewer people there are on the golf course the more opportunity you have to appreciate Los Naranjos golf course and its surroundings.

It also allows you to concentrate more on your own game rather than worrying about related issues about coronavirus.

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