If you are in Marbella this summer, plan a day trip to Tarifa

What to do between your golf matches at Los Naranjos GC during your summer holidays?

To begin with, Marbella has all the ingredients to enjoy your holidays without leaving the city. However, why not complement it with a day in Tarifa?

Luckily, Tarifa is only about 100 kilometres away from Marbella. In fact, it is the perfect getaway since in an hour and a half you will enjoy a wonderful city contrast.

During the morning.

For example, if you get up early and leave at 8:30 am, around 10:00 am you will arrive at Tarifa.

Actually, it’s the perfect time to avoid traffic jams and enjoy a good breakfast full of nutrients. Nowadays, in Tarifa, there are hundreds of places to go for breakfast.

We are going to recommend you 3 of them:

• Café Azul, a classic in Tarifa, being one of the oldest in the city next to the Puerta de Jerez.
• Surla, with delicious and innovative breakfasts, is one of the favourites places among tourists visiting the city.
• Power House Café, has a spectacular garden and right on the route of the best beaches without having to enter the city centre.

At noon… beaches, beach bars and beach clubs.

Without a doubt, the biggest attraction in Tarifa is its beaches. Therefore, once you have recharged your batteries with a good breakfast, it is time to enjoy the Atlantic breeze.

Again, we will mention 3 of our favourite beach clubs; Arte Vida, Tumbao and Bibo Beach House. As a matter of fact, they are the perfect places to have fun on the beach, drink few beers and even have lunch to the rhythm of the music.

The beaches of Los Lances, Valdevaqueros, Punta Paloma and Bolonia are among the most visited. In fact, Bolonia also has a landscape of incredible beauty formed by golden sand dunes.

In the afternoon/evening.

You cannot leave Tarifa without knowing the old town. Take a walk through its narrow streets, refresh yourself with a delicious ice cream and see its charming boutique shops.

In addition, you can visit its historical monuments such as the Guzmán el Bueno Fortress, Santa Catalina Castle or Puerta de Jerez.

On the other hand, if you want to extend the day and stay for dinner, Tarifa also has hundreds of restaurants. Among the most popular; Bar el Francés, La Favela, El Picoteo, La Casona and many more to choose from.

Finally, if you want to extend your trip and stay overnight.

Tarifa has hotels, hostels, pensions, tourist apartments, rural houses or camping sites. In this way, it offers you a wide range of accommodation possibilities depending on your lifestyle.

For that reason, if you choose to have dinner in Tarifa and enjoy the night, perhaps stay over and return to Marbella the next day is recommended. In fact, the night atmosphere in Tarifa is spectacular, even now in the middle of the Covid19.

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