Practice golf with safety during the Covid-19

Firstly, we must ask ourselves what can we expect in golf when we enter phase1 on the Costa del Sol.

Obviously have fun, stroll through our favourite golf course and enjoy the green and the wonderful remaining days of spring.

Nowadays, it will not only be worth knowing the rules of golf. From now on, we must know the applicable measures and recommendations when practicing golf during the Covid-19.

Fortunately, golf and its practice make this the ideal sport during Covid-19 due to the way it can be played.

To begin with, it is practiced outdoors, it is not a contact sport therefore you can keep a safe distance.

You can also book and pay online. Currently in Los Naranjos we do not know the exact reopening day but we hope it will be very soon.

Here are the forecasted applicable measures and recommendations according to the RFEG before you arrive at the golf course.

In the first place you should follow the instructions of the club you are going to play at all times. Try to book online or by phone so your reservation will be managed in advance and you will avoid queues and unnecessary contact.

We understand that it has been a long time since you have seen your golf colleagues and the situation will be a bit emotional. However, avoiding the greeting both at the beginning and at the end of the game is the most advisable thing.

In addition, matches can be up to 4 players as long as a safe distance is respected throughout the game.

In general, the changing rooms of golf courses will remain closed during this period. So it is recommended that you already go fully dressed from home.

Important recommendations to consider during the match.

As a priority, respect the safety distance among your colleagues at all times. Avoid contact with ball washers, water taps and benches. Furthermore, the flag cannot be touched or removed either. When removing the ball, try to touch the hole as little as possible.

For example to wear golf gloves in both hands it is also an idea to consider during this period.

For that reason, there will also be no rake in the bunkers, so each player will be responsible for flattening it as best as possible.

You should generally keep a fast pace without undue delay in the game. As a matter of fact, during this time it will not be allowed playing through to other players.

What about when you reach the end of the match…

Finally, once you finished your match with your teammates, it is recommended to avoid cordial greeting contacts to the winner.

Besides, it is suggested to go to the parking lot and go directly to your car. For the time being restaurants will remain closed until new order. On the other hand, cleaning your golf clubs or shoes will not be allowed in the golf course either.

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