Top 4 of the world’s best free online museum experiences.

Firstly, have you never had a chance to travel the world and are now regretting it? Well, don’t, because Google has partnered with some of the world’s top museums to offer free online experiences. Actually, just like you’re really there!

Not every museum around the world is onboard yet, so you may have to wait a bit for your favourites. However, these are the top 3 best museums that we highly recommend that you visit right now.

Nowadays museums offer different exhibitions throughout the year. Please do check back next season to see what else they have on offer.

National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Seoul, South Korea.

Perhaps this is a spot where you probably haven’t yet considered visiting. As a matter of fact, they have an incredible collection, with some of it now viewable online. Because of that, google offers this Seoul museum with four online exhibits from six floors for you to check out.

In this way the exhibit shows you art from all over Korea, as well as from around the globe. Then each image pops up on your screen, with a short explanation on the right.

Moreover you can click on the arrows to proceed. Google also offers an additional street view from their map so you can pretend you’re walking around the outside.

The British Museum, London, England.

Nowadays this is one of the most popular museums from around the world. In fact, this tour is directly offered from the British Museum site.

You begin at the Great Court inside, and then you can interactively decide what time in history and what place in the world you wish to explore.

More and more as you explore you can learn fascinating facts about the artifacts in their collection. If you’ve never seen the Rosetta Stone or Egyptian mummies in person, now is your chance.

In general, this virtual tour offers hundreds of artifacts, and we expect they’ll be adding even more as time passes.

J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles, CA, USA.

This museum contains art from Europe that dates back as far as the 8th century. You can start with a Google street view tour. Then continue seeing their vast collection of drawings, paintings and photos.
Also enjoy manuscripts from the past that have been meticulously photographed and archived.

Two of their main exhibits online are on Heaven, Hell, and Dying Well, and Eat, Drink, and Be Merry. Fro example you can scroll in or out to view the art and artifacts. Maybe even to read the descriptive paragraphs of each item.

Luckily this is just a small sampling from their entire collection. Therefore please do check back to see what else Google adds to their museum experience.

There are many more online museums where you can view and see art and artifacts from the past.

On the other hand search for their websites, or even visit through Google Street View and have a walk around.

What’s even better about online museum experiences is that you can take your time zooming in and out. Thus reading the descriptions, without the pressure of the museum guards encouraging you to move along!

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