Are you stuck at home because of Covid-19?

It seems like a dream-come-true to be stuck at home all day long. However now we’re in the second month, the question is what do we do with all of this free time? As a result, the house is spotless, your pets are hiding because they’ve had enough attention. Also you’re tired of TV and movies, and you’re waiting for your delivery of home improvement supplies. What’s next?

The key is to keep yourself busy, healthy, and entertained.

To begin with this means stepping outside your comfort zone to create healthy meals. Moreover don’t forget to focus on healthy drinks too.

Nowadays one of the problems right now is finding ingredients to make recipes. We have two great suggestions that don’t involve dairy, eggs, or flour, all ingredients in short supply at the moment.

Our two suggestions for the day are to whip up a super healthy Mango Smoothie in the morning. Then in the evening get down to serious business with a nice Bloody Mary for a dinner appetiser. These two recipes take a minimum of ingredients and can be altered to your choosing ingredients you have on hand.

Turmeric Mango Smoothie.

In general, this smoothie is not only simple to make. Actually the turmeric, mango, and carrot provide antioxidant and anti-inflammation properties that your body needs to fight off viruses.

• 350 g mango (fresh or thawed from frozen)
• 1/2 banana
• 1 partially cooked carrot, sliced
• 2 g powered turmeric
• 250 ml coconut water
• Pinch of black pepper

First of all place all ingredients in a blender and blench until smooth. This will be enough for 2 glasses, be sure to share with your loved one!

Bloody Mary.

• 250 ml ice
• 100 ml vodka
• 500 ml tomato juice
• 2 ml lime juice
• 2 slices fresh lime
• Worcestershire & Tabasco Sauce
• Pinch of celery salt & black pepper
• 2 celery sticks

Add 125 ml ice to a large jug first. Measure out the other ingredients. Add a few shakes of each sauce and a pinch of the spices. Stir it well, then strain (use a sieve) into two glasses. Add the rest of the ice.

On the other hand discard the ice and fragments from the jug. Place a celery stick into each glass, and stick a lime slice on top. Fortunately, now you and your loved one can enjoy a good drink together before dinner.

This is also the perfect time to go through your shelves, cupboards, and closets.

Luckily, not to do spring cleaning, but to go through your possessions. In this way you can enjoy your fresh drinks while you look through old photo albums and memorabilia. Play those old CDs that you found in the closet. (Tip: CDs can be played on DVD players and BlueRay players!). Also, do puzzles that you’ve found on your kids’ shelves. They’ll help keep your mind active and alert.

Finally, remember to think up ways to keep your mind busy and your body active. Try new things and make new recipes but don’t forget that it’s okay to do nothing at all too. After all it’s important to obey quarantine orders and stay physically and mentally healthy!

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