Thinking of joining a golf club? Here are 3 things to consider

Joining a golf club is a huge investment. The financial cost of joining a golf club is the main thing people consider before they sign the document to become a member. Yes, the cost is obviously a consideration but if you have the money, it should not be the overriding factor.
From a personal point of view, you must think about the time you have to play golf. How much free time do you have on a weekday for example? Will you be able to fit in a round of golf on the weekend around other activities? These are questions only you can answer but when you are satisfied, you will also have questions for the golf club.
You would never buy a car or a house without doing your research. Joining a golf club is no different and we have 3 questions you should ask before signing on the dotted line.

How busy is the golf course?

Playing golf is your main priority when joining a golf club. You want to know, as a paying member, that you can phone or turn up during the week and play a round of golf. If the course is busy during the times you plan to play most of your golf, you may consider looking at other golf courses before joining. On the other hand, if the golf course is usually quiet when you plan to play, that’s perfect.

Is it a sociable golf club?

Becoming a member at a golf club is not all about simply playing golf. There are other aspects to be considered, including the social side of things. If everyone is keeping themselves to themselves and there is very little in the way of social events, it may not be for you. Playing in members tournaments helps to meet new people, so always ask about events and how many they organise each week. Some golf clubs hold an induction which allows new members to ‘break the ice’ and meet current members. It may be a little nerve-wracking depending on what it is but there is no better way to get to know people at the golf club.

What facilities are available to members at the golf club?

You want to join a golf club which keeps the course in great condition throughout the year. However, you are not only paying to use the golf course but also the facilities at the golf club. Ask what they have to offer. Some may have a gym, sauna, restaurant, bar, driving range, putting green, practice bunker and chipping area for example. Are these all included in the membership price? If you have children, you may want to ask about facilities for kids. Do they have a play area for example?
Do not be afraid to ask any question. Here at Los Naranjos Golf Club we will be happy to answer anything you would like to ask before joining.
We have created a new flexible payment plan where you can pay your share in 5 easy instalments in a period of 24 months.

This offer is both to individuals and family shares. The payment of the full amount of the share will be divided into 5 (five) equal instalments. They have to be made within 24 months with 0% interest, one payment every 6 (six) months

Furthermore, for those who opted for Los Naranjos GC special conditions for playing right members we will also refund the initial €6.050 already paid for your playing right and your first annual fee will be invoiced in January 2020.

For terms and conditions please contact Linda at
T.+34 952 812 428

Two different types of memberships are available at Los Naranjos GC. Individual and family membership, both with the same privileges and rights, at the following prices:

· Individual share: €50.000
· Family share: €75.000

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