Golf seen as a sport, hobby and lifestyle

First at all, golf is one of the most exciting and challenging sports that is played worldwide. Actually some golfers take it as a hobby. Others take it as a sport and career while for other golf is their passion and part of their lifestyle. On the one hand, for professional golfers, the game requires maximum concentration and practice to compete among the bests. On the other hand for beginners, the game can be very complicated due to its rules and guidelines.

Earlier, golf was regarded as a game for grown-ups who used to play it for social reasons. However nowadays, golf can be enjoyed by kids and anyone who wants to. Players who take golf as a healthy lifestyle and as a hobby all that matters is to have fun!

For professional golfers several golf events and tournaments are organized every year.

In general these tournaments offer huge prizes and winners have the opportunity to compete to win these titles. Independent golf tour organizations own, manage and run their professional golf tours. Furthermore it is usually difficult to become a member of such tours. Nowadays golf as a sport usually has three categories of championships. These are Men’s major championship, Women’s major championship and Senior’s major championship.

When you hear the word hobby, one usually thinks of some indoor pastime like stamp collecting, reading or knitting.

Some will listen to music or watch a movie. This doesn’t take out the fact that activities that require strength and muscle, such as hiking can be a hobby. You may not consider golf a strenuous activity. However playing the game for hours, the walk on the golf course and hitting the ball continuously is sure to give your muscles a lift.

The beautiful landscape one gets exposed to in courses like Los Naranjos GC. Moreover with its perfectly trimmed green grass, as well as the trees and water, would draw an addiction to the game and make it become your hobby. Besides, since there is no competition in this golfing you just need to focus on playing to have fun.

Some individuals prefer to take a more laidback and modern approach to the game of golf. These are lifestyle golfers.

In fact they socialize and hang out with each other. To them, golf is more than just a game; it’s a lifestyle they take more seriously than themselves. Lifestyle golfers understand how golf is played but prefer to add fun to it. They focus more on the hospitality part of the game, and to get on the golf course with friends.

The right attitude one needs to have to play the game makes it even more fascinating. The game helps to expand social networks as well as provide an equal opportunity to set up a business associated with it.

Finally, golf has become more than a game, and it is fantastic to know the endless possibilities associated with it.

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