T-raining days in Marbella.

On the Costa del Sol we are not used to so many rainy days in a row. Although the temperature is quite pleasant, during these days you do not feel like leaving home.

The conditions of the course are equally excellent for the practice of golf. However, if you do not like playing golf under the rain, you can come to train at our Academy.

Sharpen your swing without getting wet. Practise at the driving range well protected from the rain and with the help of our golf professionals.

Alternatively, you can take a few sessions of EMS Body Power at the club. EMS is a sophisticated method of physical strength training more effective and efficient than traditional weightlifting.

And after practising or training… why not go to Hacienda Golf & Restaurant to have the delicious menu of the day.

 The rain is good for the field.

We are fortunate to enjoy the sun practically 300 days a year on the Costa del Sol. Therefore, Marbella is the most demanded city to play golf in Europe.

All the golf courses in Marbella, during the dry season suffer more than others with more rainfall. As a consequence, we need specialized irrigation and water storage systems to alleviate water scarcity during dry periods.

As a result, during these rainy days it is less desirable to play golf. However, it is very necessary for the entire golf course to be enriched with water. In addition, rainwater rejuvenates the course through a totally natural process. 

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