At the Academy, we coach all types of golfers, from beginners, all the way up to professionals.

We see many golfers with low handicaps at the driving range.  The main reason that they are good golfers is because they take time to practise. The vast majority of golfers on the driving range are experienced and understand the importance of practising.

The driving range has gone through some dramatic improvements recently.  Target greens have been constructed to enhance the practice and teaching experience. The greens are extremely realistic and have created the most effective and fun environment for practice in Marbella.

Our two coaching studios have also been recently renovated and are among the best teaching facilities on the Coast.  The studios are fully equipped with all the top brands and have many different custom fit options to try and choose from. Both Trackman and Flight Scope are also part of the custom fit and coaching experience.

We would recommend to any standard of golfer, not just beginners, that if they want to improve, then a clear diagnosis of the causes of problems in their game should be made. A plan as to how to address and fix these problems should then be formulated.  Any golfer who wants to improve needs to go through this process.  A fully qualified PGA professional can help with this.

Daniel Williams has been playing golf for 30 years and he has seen many changes in the game.

Daniel is a fully qualified British PGA professional with more than 15 years coaching experience and he competed for 10 years as a professional and played on various tours around the World.

Daniel says golf has definitely become slightly easier than it was 20 years ago. The main reasons for this are because of the technology improvements, greater knowledge regarding ball flight and physical fitness. Advancement in materials has lead to the ball travelling further than it ever has, the club head being swung faster than it ever has and measuring devices such as Trackman have confirmed any doubt regarding why and how the golf ball travels from one point to another. 

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