Must-have golf accessories for golfers playing at Los Naranjos GC

It does not matter what level of experience you have on the golf course, there are some accessories you simply cannot do without. We will take a look of the must-have golf accessories below.

Pitch repairer (all year round).

No golfer should be heading onto Los Naranjos golf course without a divot tool. While having a divot tool does not directly benefit you during your round, it does in the long term. If you are a member of the club and play regularly, you want the course to always be in great condition.
Repairing divots is a major factor in keeping the course at its best. Imagine what it is like to step up to your ball on the green to find it is in a divot. You don’t want that and neither do other players so always carry a divot tool.

Rain Grip (winter season).

Not every golfer likes to use a glove and that comes down to personal preference. However, when it rains, golf clubs can become very slippery. This makes it tough to grip the club properly and can lead to poor shots.
The best way to avoid that is to always have a rain grip in your bag. A top rain glove becomes more grippy the wetter it gets, making it a good choice. It will allow you to focus on playing in wet conditions rather than having to worry about the club slipping.

Umbrella (winter and summer season).

It is surprising how many golfers take to the course without an umbrella attached to their bag. All it takes is one downpour and you can be left wet and miserable for the remainder of the round.
Umbrellas also work to protect players from direct sunlight. If you are playing in hot conditions and the sun is beating down, having an umbrella can provide welcome shade. This is especially true between shots.

Dark Towel (all year round).

Much like an umbrella, a towel is very useful in various weather conditions. In wet weather a towel can be used to dry both your hands and the golf club. This ensures the club does not slip during the swing. A towel can also be used to clean off the face of a golf club. If there is mud stuck to the face of a club it will have a negative impact on your shot.
A towel is also useful in hot conditions. If you are sweating, being able to dry your hands and face is important. Finally, choose a black towel because stains do not show as much as a white one. You can use it again and again after washing.

Distance Measuring (all year round).

Finally, knowing exactly how far it is to the flag is hugely beneficial. A distance measuring device, such as a rangefinder or GPS can measure precise distances on the golf course. Knowing how far it is to the hole aids in making the correct club selection.
Distance measuring devices can also be used to provide accurate distances to hazards. Again, this helps with club selection and is very handy for any golfer.

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