How to improve distance and control of your swing

To begin with most professional as well as amateur golfers desire to increase their distance. Furthermore it is very important to tee off with the drive to go as far as possible towards the fairway. The power of your drive off the tee has the potential to determine how many more approaches, pitches or chips you’ll have to hit to put the ball on the green. Therefore it is advisable to cover as much distance as possible.

Tips to improve your distance.

In fact understanding and mastering the following basic skills will help you improve your distance and golf game in general.

Choose the right club.

The club you use in playing golf matters when it comes to gaining distance. Moreover the length of the shaft in your driver is important. However, if the driver is too long it could lead to inconsistency and hitting the sweet spot could prove difficult.
The things you should look out for when purchasing a golf club is the club’s loft, the weight and the flexibility of the shaft. If you can spend the money, opt for a club fitting specialist to measure your drive and swing to recommend the right fittings for you.

Co-ordinate flexibility and strength to gain distance off the driver, you need to be in shape.

You will need to carry out exercise to improve your flexibility. Actually poor flexibility or lack of flexibility will make it difficult for you to make a full shoulder during the backswing.

Improve your hip rotation if you want to achieve an increased speed.

The distance a swing covers is largely dependent on the hip speed. In fact without the proper hip speed, the chance of making a long distance is very slim. Engage in exercises that improve hip rotation. Also, make sure to do some warm-up before every game.

Your stance is essential to certainly increase the driving speed.

Some golfers prefer a square stance while others prefer launching the ball from a steep angle. In general the latter may work with hitting irons but is a poor choice to use with your drives. Make sure to pick a stance that works for you and stick with it.

Tee your ball higher.

According to the latest technology being used to track balls in flight, it was revealed that excellent long drivers do not hit down on the ball to cover more distance.

A good grip would certainly give you a better distance and also a controlled distance.

A simple trick to this is to draw the grip towards your thigh. Also, your downswing should be done from the inside out.

Tips to improve distance control.

The following tips will help you to get better at distance control for shots within hundred metres. In this way it will give you more birdie opportunities as well as par saves.

More consistent contact will help you control distance.

If you aren’t consistently hitting the ball in the centre of the face club, distance control with wedges would be a big problem.

Your feel is perhaps the most important factor in good distance control.

While engaging in your pre shots routine, connect with your sense of feel. As a result this is more of a sensing rather than a thinking attitude.

Try to have light hands.

The lighter your hands the more distance control you are likely to have. Because of that you will need light pressure to ease tension in your arms and shoulders to improve your consistency.

Practise with wedges for better distance control.

Nowadays it is highly recommended that you spend a good time practicing on short game. Try experiment with the above ideas to get a better distance control.

Finally, no matter your level in the game of golf, your distance and distance control is of utmost importance. Try out the things you have learnt from this article, it will take your golfing game to the next level. Nevertheless if you feel golf lessons are required here at Los Naranjos GC will gladly help you. Fortunately our professionals and latest technology incorporated in our driving range will make you improve in no time.

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