The celebration of the summer solstice or “Midsommar” is one of the most important holidays in the Swedish calendar that is normally held in the open-air of the countryside as it is a celebration closely related to the nature.

To honor the majority of our members, we will celebrate together this important day on the 23rd of June. However, we will change of scene from the typical Swedish fields to the golf course of Los Naranjos in Marbella; among midsummer Swedish flower crowns and dances, we will receive and welcome the summer in the purest Scandinavian style.

We will all share the typical “Midsommar” dishes; boiled potatoes with chives and sour cream, herrings, salmon, grilled ribs and… strawberries and other wild berries as dessert.

For drinks; beer, wine and cold liqueurs will be served along with the food that will make the main ingredients to celebrate this beautiful party.

After dinner, we will dance around a wooden cross with hanging adorned rings and flowers known as “Midsommarstang”, while traditional Swedish songs will be sung by most of our members and their families.

Women will adorn their hair with flowers, making crowns that symbolize good luck and even some of them could come dressed in their traditional costumes evoking past memories of Sweden.

If you are a member of Los Naranjos GC, “Midsommar” will be an event not to be missed.


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