Golf and technology.

Tradition and rules have marked the practice of golf since its foundation. However, more and more, we have to consider the integration of technology in this sport. For this reason we have implemented these changes.

Nowadays, it is not only important to have a golf course with excellent facilities, but it is also essential to have a modern website and an easy to use mobile app.

Launch of our new website

We usually support local companies.  This time, we have engaged with Kibo Studios, a company from Marbella. The new website has improved the user experience, looking at the aesthetic part as well as its functionality and easy use.

The most important changes made in the new website are:

  • More detailed information about the golf course and its facilities.
  • Competitions and events calendar.
  • Detailed information of each competition.
  • Private area for members and a female section.
  • Development and improvement of the Club news.

In our digital strategy, we always strive to collaborate with the best golf companies. Therefore, we do not just collaborate with local companies. We also engage with the best international companies.

Launch of our mobile app.

Los Naranjos GC knows the importance of mobile applications nowadays, so we have decided to have our own mobile application.

We hired the services of a well known American company that is recognised worldwide. Los Naranjos will be the pioneering golf club in Spain that incorporates the services and technology of this company.

We were very clear with the types of services we wanted to offer in our application. For this reason Gallus Golf is the company that best fit to our needs.

In conclusion, our partners will be able to register for tournaments, make reservations online and receive news. While golfers who come to enjoy in our facilities will be able to make online reservations, access the GPS, get our golf course guide…

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