Maintenance work in Los Naranjos GC.

To begin with, Los Naranjos is one of the most famous golf courses on the Costa del Sol. Its design and popularity make this course one of the most sought after among all European golfers who come to spend few days in Marbella.

With its more than 50,000 annual green fees sold, our maintenance team plays a key role. As a precaution, preventive maintenance of the course is essential so that the grass can be in perfect condition. Therefore, golfers who come to play at Los Naranjos GC can get the most out of it and enjoy it.

Aeration of the greens. 

On the 4th and 5th of September, as every year, we will perform the aeration of the putting greens. Its main objective is to aerate this area to ensure that the grass remains healthy and insects free.

Aeration affects the greens for a couple of days, making the course more difficult for golfers who decide to play during these days. However, in the long run aeration relieves the soil compaction that comes from the intense traffic of players and maintenance machines that we use in these areas. Consequently, without aeration, the soil will compact and the subsoil ceases to have oxygen that can even wilt the grass.

With aeration, we create more space in the interior. We fill in the holes with a special sand to produce deep roots and keep our greens healthy. In addition, it favors drainage and avoids water accumulation on the surface that can hinder the game.

In conclusion, this is an essential process to maintain optimal conditions for the practice of this sport. Perhaps, playing during these two days it might affect your game. However, it creates a positive impact in order that you could enjoy the course to the maximum throughout the year.  

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