Maintenance… the key to our success.

Los Naranjos continued commitment, to be the most requested golf course on the Costa del Sol, has led us to acquire new machinery. For that reason, we can continue offering the best facilities and exceptional conditions for the practice of this sport.

The new Toro Reelmaster 5010 Hybrid.

Firstly, this machine has the new PowerMatch technology. A hybrid system that allows to reduce fuel consumption by up to 20%. It also helps in reducing the emission of gases into the atmosphere. Therefore, it not only improves the conditions of the golf course, but also helps to conserve the environment.

In addition, due to the lightness of this new fairway mower, it prevents the compaction of the subsoil thanks to its remarkable weight reduction.

The new CrossTrax system all-wheel drive.

On the other hand, this system makes the new Reelmaster 5010-H the perfect machinery to access wet areas. It can handle verticutting, scalping and steep hills thanks to its more than 40 horsepower. It considerably improves the conditions of the turf in places where other machines could not even reach.

One of our main reasons to update the machinery is to achieve greater satisfaction among our golfers. The new Toro mower provides to the course an excellent aftercut appearance thanks to its Double Precision Cutting units. These units result in a more accurate and uniform cut. In addition, it has achieved a considerable reduction of engine noise making more pleasant the game among our golfers.

Finally, just as we look after our clients and golf members, we also do the same for our staff and maintenance team. The new Toro 5010-H has a deluxe high back suspension seat and weight adjustment offering greater comfort to our machinery operators.   

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