Los Naranjos Ryder Cup 2016 inaugurates the new season of events at Los Naranjos GC

A couple of weekends ago, inaugurating the month of October, one of the first essential appointments took place in Los Naranjos GC: Los Naranjos Ryder Cup 2016. A weekend where there has been a lot of golf, competition, friendship, some conditions enviable forecasts and of course a tournament that lives up to the prospects that the golf course always imposes.

Led by the Englishman Paul Bramley, the black team “The Black Team” finally prevailed last Sunday, on the final day of the Ryder Cup Naranjos 2016 with a score of 24, against the Swedish team Daniel Johansson, with 16 points. Both teams have fought to the end, in a competition that began on Saturday, October 1 and where they have been able to enjoy facilities in perfect condition, the benefits that The Restaurant had prepared throughout the weekend and an enviable audience.

Los Naranjos Ryder Cup has been without a doubt one of the first big events that any golfer should put on their agenda. One of the first among the busy schedule that Los Naranjos has just presented. Their calendar of events available on the website shows that they not only have weekly tournaments but that there will also be other specific events as a sign of the eminently cosmopolitan and international character that this golf club has always displayed.

Two teams have participated in the Ryder Cup: the black team and the orange team. The captain of the orange team was Daniel Johansson and the captain of the black team, Paul Bramley. Foursome and Best Ball Modalities, where the rules and other characteristics were thoroughly explained in the opening ceremony that took place on Saturday, October 1, the first day of the competition.

On the final day, last Sunday a BBQ Buffet was held where both family and friends can celebrate this great event. Upcoming events and tournaments at Los Naranjos GC will be posted well in advance on the online Events Calendar so that no player can be overlooked.

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