How Does Golf Improve Health and Well-Being?

Golf is a fantastic sport and offers a great competitive environment. Not only that but if you become a good golfer you can win money and tour the world. However, only a small minority make it to the top. The bulk of people playing golf are doing so for fun.
Enjoyment is one of the main reasons people play golf. It falls in to line with any other hobby in that way. Furthermore, there are many benefits to playing golf and it can improve both health and well-being.

The simple act of walking around Los Naranjos golf course, in pleasant, well-kept surroundings can do wonders for your mood.

Taking in the fresh air in Marbella. Also seeing the trees, flowers and the layout of a golf course is good for the mind. For those people who have a very stressful job, a few hours on the golf course can lift the pressure. Also allows the body and mind to forget everyday life.
Playing golf and the exercise involved increases the heart rate and gets it pumping. Carrying your bag and playing shots increases the heart flow. This can help to reduce the risk of illness caused by heart problems. If you decide to walk the golf course rather than get a buggy, you will burn more calories. Some golfers can burn in Los Naranjos GC more than 100 calories per round.

Golf requires the use of muscles and as we get older

It is important to keep the muscles active. Playing golf regularly can improve muscle tone and endurance, making you fitter. It is also a great way to lose weight. Although you may not lose weight as quickly as you would if you went on a running machine every day, playing golf is certainly more entertaining.
An important aspect of playing golf is having the ability to judge distance. Therefore, in order to do that you need your eyes. Even if you use a rangefinder, you still need to be able to see the target you are aiming for when playing a shot. Your eyes need to focus on a variety of things. Including the flag, the green, hazards and the ball when you are looking for it on the fairway or in the rough.
The focus of your eyes will change. Sometimes you will need to focus closer to yourself and at other times you will need to focus on something in the distance. Either way, playing golf on the Costa del Sol is great exercise for your vision.
Having completed a round of golf in Los Naranjos you may feel tired and enjoy a great nights sleep. Again, this is beneficial to both the body and mind. It is natural to feel tired after a round of golf and getting a good nights sleep is important for the body to regenerate cells. This way, your mind is alert the following day.
Finally, and one of the main benefits of playing golf in terms of health is the social side of the sport. Simply getting together with friends and socialising is an important part of our well-being and helps with the mental side of our health.

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