Get to know Christian Larsson. New Chef in our kitchen!

Christian, since he was a child had interests in cooking and started practicing with her grandmother. Soon he realized he found his vocation. In his early twenties he decided to take it seriously and took a degree in a culinary school in Sweden. It wasn’t an easy choice as he has also passion for arts. However, working in the kitchen is a form of art where he can express himself through his own dishes.

He considers that each meal is to enjoy and it will depend on each situation. Having a nice breakfast with the family, a nice and spontaneous lunch with friends or a romantic dinner with his wife are part of his life. Perhaps he would choose a nice dinner as he is more of a night person.
Cooking at home… You never go wrong with a delicious Kobe ribeye and all kinds of seafood. Using basics ingredients like fresh aromatic herbs, a good olive oil, a nice sherry or champagne vinegar, lemon and lime.
Christian cuisine is all-round. He loves mixing different flavours and techniques. In some cases goes the old fashion way and other days he might surprise you with a more modern style.

Los Naranjos restaurant has a lovely ambience.

Christian always does his best to keep all the customers satisfied. He is very critic with himself. He is always thinking what to do different so he could improve the dish and take it to another level.
Among the great dishes he prepares in Hacienda Los Naranjos, his favourite and the one who would recommend is the Chateubriand. A nice piece of great sirloin, grilled with extra care. The most important thing to prepare a dish is knowing how to handle the ingredients properly. Therefore, you can bring their best qualities to each dish.
He considers as most the most challenging part of his job in finding a good balance between leading the kitchen firmly and earning the respect of the staff.
To summarize, he truly believes that Los Naranjos restaurant has an outstanding location. Together with a great environment and the nicest weather for golfers wanting to share a meal after the game.

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