Fitness training for golfers

Discover how you can improve your physical condition to optimize your golf performance.

Golf may seem like a somewhat passive sport. However, you have to keep in mind that you have to hit the ball with great skill and this must also be done repeatedly. Are you a passionate golfer who wants to improve your golf game by optimizing your physical condition? At the Los Naranjos Golf Club we encourage you to do so with the following information on physical training for golfers.

The physical training for golfers that your body needs

All sports require a certain amount of physical training, even golfers. Here’s a look at what the body demands for optimal fitness.

Physical requirements

Golf does not have very demanding physical requirements. The action of hitting the ball consists of a mixture of dynamic flexibility, neuromuscular coordination, strength and power.

Therefore, it is necessary for the muscles to work synergistically to perform highly complex movement patterns of unparalleled dexterity. In this sport, the most repeated movement is the famous swing, so the rest of the throws are based on this same dynamic.

The swing activates a large number of muscles such as the knee extensors, hip abductors and adductors, spinal extensors and abdominals, internal-external shoulder rotators, latissimus dorsi, pectoralis major and subscapularis.

Technical training requirements for golfers

Golf has a high technical complexity: it is a sport in which everything is at stake with movements that must be very precise. A small deviation can change the whole game and that is why it requires a lot of adaptation, knowing how to handle imperfection and never give up.

Psychological requirements

It is important that training for golfers is not only focused on physical preparation, but also on psychological preparation. It is essential to have the capacity for self-criticism in order to develop other psychological tools such as personal autonomy, adaptation, perseverance, self-evaluation and the ability to read situations. All together, it provides a greater sense of confidence in one’s own abilities to be able to play an adequate game of golf.

Objectives of physical preparation for golfers

The purpose of developing a good physical preparation in golf is to increase three capacities: endurance, strength and flexibility. Pay attention to the following goals:

  • Increase flexibility.
  • Increase overall strength. This will lead to strengthening the muscles, strengthening the abdomen, developing greater muscle mass in the upper and lower legs, strengthening the hips and developing greater musculature in the forearms, wrists and hands.
  • Develop cardiovascular capacity.

Essential factors in physical training for golfers

It is crucial to take into account the following factors in order to ensure optimal training. In the Los Naranjos Golf Club we encourage you to start with exercises that enhance these aspects in order for you to optimize your game.

Maintain proper posture

It is essential that you maintain a postural habit that is aligned with your body. This will allow your back to be more upright and will make it easier for you to swing. In the same way, a correct posture reduces stress on a daily basis.

Optimizing functional movement

Maintaining functional movement is relevant because it indirectly improves posture. In golf, movements are made in a three-dimensional way. This means that if you feel restricted in your movement, your swing will be affected.

Enhancing flexibility

As mentioned before, flexibility is essential because it is what brings fluidity to the movement. The muscles must be stretched progressively until a single stroke swing can be made, without feeling that the body has limits.

Physical training for golfers based on muscle coordination

Without muscle coordination, you will not be able to transfer the force to the different segments that make up the movement. It is important that all your muscles act in a coordinated manner to promote the naturalness of the stroke.

Stability in posture

Stability is one of the pillars to be able to play golf properly. The posture must be performed with relaxation, the movement must be fluid, the stroke must acquire power and the body must maintain a perfect balance to be able to perform a conscious set. Therefore, stability is the result of balance, control of the center and muscular resistance.

Physical training for golfers is very complete and that makes it a very interesting sport. It is not only a matter of skill, but of endurance, power and balance. In Los Naranjos Golf Club we help you to get started in the world of golf, enjoying one of the best courses in Spain.