EMS BodyPOWER STUDIO Los Naranjos Golf Club

We are counting down – our Grand Opening is on FRIDAY, celebrating the opening of the first Spanish EMS BodyPOWER STUDIO here in Los Naranjos Golf Club.

WHAT is EMS Training? 
… it’s training with IMPULSES on your muscles. The training is much more EFFECTIVE and EFFICIENT than traditional strength training, as you activate every little muscle and bring them up to its specific strengths optimum.

EMS is so EFFECTIVE, that 20 minutes a week will do

WHY EMS Training?
.. because potentially you’ll get:

  • a toned body
  • a stronger core
  • a balanced body symmetry
  • an increased POWER in your golf swing
  • up to 100% reduction of back pain, neck pain and knee pain

and 20 minutes where the only focus is on you, your training and your goals.

Please come and join us on the GRAND OPENING on Friday the 20.th of October, between 5-8 pm.
We give you:

  • Special offers of the day (Stay tuned on Facebook)
  • Ask and Learn WHY you should do EMS Training

A chit and a chat, a drink and a snack with your friends and future EMS Training buddies

Hope to see you FRIDAY

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