6 Reasons to have an app for your business.

In Los Naranjos GC we launched this year our own mobile application, which was a great challenge. However, we are very happy with the result. As we provide all the necessary information about our golf course and promote the interaction with our members, visitors and users.

Given the success of the launch, we would like to encourage all companies to develop their own app.

There are many reasons why your business should connect with your users through your own mobile application.

In fact, based on our experience we will highlight some of its many advantages.

Advantages of having a mobile application.

  • Opening a new channel of communication with your customers. Sharing information with them and improving the interaction with the more technologically advanced users.
  • Staying ahead of the competition. Not all companies have their own app. So you can be ahead of them and gain new clients through the application.
  • Using the application as a new sales channel. The lack of spare time nowadays, leads to most of the customers to find a more direct alternative to buy or reserve online.
  • To have brand presence in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Currently, most of the people have a mobile phone and increasingly they are relying on apps. Whether to receive information, make reservations or to buy online.
  • Sending notifications. Due to the increase and saturation of the online communication via email, users treat most newsletters as spam. So, by using the app. your company can connect with your users and send them information about your news, products or promotions at any time.
  • Facilitating a 24 hours customer service channel through the app. Registered users will have a personalised channel to deal with their enquiries and complaints without having to call us by

To conclude, the number of users who own mobile phones are increasing. So your company needs to be technologically prepared to be able to interact with your customers in every possible way and strengthen its brand presence against the competition.

Download our free App HERE! 

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