Los Naranjos Golf offers us the perfect gift for golf lovers

Christmas brings us wonderful traditions every year. Turning on the Christmas lights marks the beginning of a holiday season characterized by meetings with family and friends, toasts, lunches, dinners and gifts. Globalization, online shopping and the rich society in which we live, makes it difficult for us to choose original gifts to surprise our loved ones. Los Naranjos Golf  helps us in this task with three gift proposals aimed for golf enjoyers. Two types of packages and the pass for the 2023 Naranjos Trophy are the best choices to succeed this Christmas.

The search for that perfect present for our parents, friends or cousins is, by far, the most challenging part of each Christmas. The crowds in shopping malls, the traffic and the rush turns the task into an impossible mission. In the end, tired and grumpy, we end up with something that doesn’t convince us, but when we have a gift ticket attached, it seems like a good solution.

To avoid this difficult moment, Los Naranjos offers us three different types of gifts depending on our needs and budgets. The first one consists of two green fees with a shared buggy for €178. This can be the perfect gift for a couple, either from friends or family. If our budget is higher or we are closer to the recipient of the gift, the ten green fee voucher with buggy may be the ideal proposal. But, without a doubt, the star gift this year is the pass to participate in the top tournament of Los Naranjos. The Trophy will be held from May 1st to the 4th, and it is played in the modality Medal with 1 warm-up round and 4 competition rounds. After each one of them the prizes are given during a cocktail. On the last day of the tournament, a grand gala dinner with a musical show is held to honor all the participants and the winners.

All gifts can be picked up in person at the club offices or, if we don’t have time for it, they will send us a nice Christmas pdf. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the booking department: teetimes@losnaranjos.comDo not hesitate any longer, Los Naranjos Golf is the best 2022 gift experience.

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