Choosing the right golf teacher to improve your game.

In the first place there is only so many times you can accept seeing your ball slice into the rough. Also roll away from the hole on a crucial putt. Regardless of your current level of play, there is always room for improvement in your game.
As a matter of fact, teaching yourself is an option, especially with the wealth of information available online today. However, to make real progress with your golf the best option without doubt is to hire a golf instructor. Having made the decision to work with a golf instructor, choosing the right golf teacher to improve your game is very important.

How do you ensure you are working with the right golf teacher to improve your game?

In general the most important element of the student and golf teacher relationship is the chemistry. In fact this works in two ways, one of which is simply how well you get on together. Therefore, if you do not feel at ease working with the golf teacher you are never going to improve.
Feeling comfortable the person you are working with is vital when choosing the right golf teacher to improve your game. Having fun when learning golf is important and if you are not enjoying it you are unlikely to get better.

The second factor in terms of the relationship between student and golf teacher is communication.

More and more understanding what the golf instructor is asking you to do is key. If the communication between yourself and the instructor is poor, you will struggle to take on new information and integrate it into your game. For that reason being able to communicate easily and understand each other cannot be underestimated.
Actually you are paying the golf teacher to make improvements to your golf game. Thus think about where you want to take your game and what your goals are in terms of improving. With your individual goals in mind, you can try and find a golf instructor who has taken a person similar to your own ability to the place you would like to go. For example, you may have been struggling to break a specific score, such as 90 or 80. If you can find a golf instructor that has taken a player with the same issue and successfully seen them score lower, that person is a good choice for you.
There is nothing wrong with taking a trial lesson. Maybe you should be meeting an instructor in person prior to paying for a session. Doing this will allow you to spend some time with the teacher before committing to a long term arrangement. Simply by taking a one off lesson or having a chat with an instructor over a drink in the clubhouse can help in choosing the right golf teacher to improve your game.

Finally, you know how you respond to specific types of people and teaching.

In conclusion, if you responded best in school or university to a strict teacher, you can transfer that to your golf coach. Fortunately only you know what style of teaching works for you. Keep in mind that different golf teachers will have different approaches and not every one of these is going to work for you.
Here at Los Naranjos we are confident our professionals will exceed your expectations of having fun while improving your game.

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