Become a Technological Golfer Using Devices and Apps.

To begin with there have been incredible advances in golf equipment over the past decade. This not only applies to playing equipment such as golf balls and clubs but also in terms of technology. Nowadays golfers no longer need to try and estimate the distance between the ball and the green using markers. Technological devices and applications have been developed which helped to make distances and club selection more accurate than ever before.
It is not difficult to become a technological golfer by using devices and apps. However, with such a great selection available, which should you be using?

Many devices have been designed specifically for use on the golf course. For example the Garmin Approach Z80.

Categorising the Garmin Approach Z80 as either a rangefinder or laser is tough as it does both very well. All the information is displayed through the viewfinder and it can provide distances to the flag from up to 350 yards away to +/- 10 inches. The Garmin Approach Z80 is not cheap. Moreover you must look through the viewfinder every time to see the information but there is no doubting accuracy and quality of the device.

Moving away from rangefinders and lasers, we come to watches.

The Garmin Approach S60 GPS watch is regarded by many a being one of the best looking GPS watches on the market.

In general the touch screen is very easy to use and the display is crystal clear. With features such as movable pin positions, detailed hole maps and yardages in full colour, you soon begin to understand what a great device the Garmin Approach S60 GPS watch is for golfers.
As a matter of fact the watch is packed with features. While this may be a plus point for some, others may feel there are too many features on the watch to use in one round of golf. As a result the battery life is also questionable. Because of that the watch may struggle to get you through 36 holes without a charge.

Staying with golf watch technology, the Fenix 6 Pro comes highly recommended.

Regarding the Fenix 6 Pro watch is more of an all-rounder when it comes to sports technology. Therefore if you enjoy working out or running in addition to playing golf the training analysis is a tremendous feature. It can analyse your last four weeks of training into anaerobic, high aerobic and low aerobic categories. In this way enables you to make the required changes to your routine and hit your fitness goals.
In terms of golf, the Fenix 6 Pro offers separate yards/meter measurements, stableford scoring, handicaps, club tracking and detailed distance views via a downloadable app.

Finally, we come to the Apple Watch Series 5.

The first thing to note about this device is that you must download a golf app to use on the course from a third party. Fortunately this should not be considered a bad thing as there is a great choice available. The design of the screen is excellent and whichever golf app you decide to use the information is clearly displayed. Also it has plenty of room for all of the details.
The ‘always-on’ retina display is a nice touch. This means you do not need to keep turning your wrist to light up the screen.
From the above, one can conclude that any of the above mentioned devices will help your game when playing at Los Naranjos GC.

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