Los Naranjos Padel Club

Los Naranjos Golf Club will build the biggest padel club in Andalusia and one of the 3 biggest in Spain.

Los Naranjos Golf Club (Marbella, Spain) has recently started construction of the largest padel club in Andalusia and one of the three largest in Spain.

The project, is located on the south side of the Los Naranjos land that borders Avenida Valle Inclán and where it will have its main access. The facility has been co-designed by architects Carlos Rodriguez Guirado, Pablo Atienza Jimenez and Juan María Blazquez, from an idea shared during the pandemic through its General Manager, Julián Romaguera: “The idea not only aims to create variety in the services of our club and revalue the actions of our Members, but to attract families and be a benchmark for padel in Europe”.

Los Naranjos Padel Club will be built on an area of 20,000m2. The master plan includes the total construction of 17 padel courts (12 outdoor courts, 4 semi-covered and a central court with World Padel Tour category) together with 2 pickleball courts and a 1000 m2 clubhouse that will have a bar-restaurant, gym, physiotherapy area, a specialist padel and pickleball shop together with changing rooms. With these facilities, Los Naranjos Padel Club will become a center of excellence, play and teaching for all. The completion of the works will  not exceed 15 months, so it is possible that the project will be completed by the beginning of summer 2024, this coincides with a time when Marbella is seeing a huge influx of people coming to buy second homes or full scale relocation. A facility that combines a sports center and a leading golf course is sure to be a great attraction to the new Marbella demographic.

The courts will be constructed with the latest and best quality materials and technology. This project will not only be a huge attraction for the local padel players, but also for the ever expanding “padel tourist” market. Julián Romaguera remarks, “The growth in Spain of padel from 2019 to 2021 is 13%, it is the second most played sport in Spain and is gaining ground the world over. Los Naranjos could not miss the opportunity to be part of this growth, we are very excited about this new stage of our wonderful Club´s development, as we continue to strive to become a benchmark for golf, sport and health. “

The Los Naranjos Padel Club will be a unique and fabulous meeting point for families and individuals alike, who will have at their disposal professionals in the teaching of padel tennis and pickleball. There will be training programs for all levels, summer camps and high standards. The second sport, pickleball, is a very popular sport in the United States since 1965 and will be an innovative new sport on the Costa del Sol, combining different racquet and padel disciplines that can be played individually or in pairs.

For more information, please visit their website www.losnaranjospadel.com.  

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