5 Golf exercises you can easily do at home.

In the first place the current situation around the world is a testing time for everyone. Therefore, while playing golf may seem trivial to some considering the spread of Covid-19 there will be many people on the planet who are missing playing their favourite sport. In this way, you may not be able to go to the golf course for another couple of months. For that reason you will want to try and maintain your stamina and golf swing.
In fact, there are several golf exercises you can easily do at home. Those will keep you in shape for golf and maybe even lead to an improvement in your game.

Step ups.

To begin with this is a golf exercise which you can do by standing at the bottom of the stairs. Let’s start with your right leg. Place it on the bottom step of the stairs and with it secure in position, then raise your left foot so your toes are off the ground. Straighten your right leg which is on the step so it is fully supporting your left leg.
Luckily, this exercise strengthens the glute muscles which are important for a strong and solid golf swing. You can repeat this exercise by doing 15 repetitions for each leg or as many as you can complete comfortably.

Pelvic rotations.

Nowadays, both internal and external hip rotation is a common problem for many golfers and this exercise will help. Therefore, hold a golf club in front of you on the ground and stand on one leg. When you feel secure, begin to rotate your pelvis slowly in both directions as far as you comfortably can without losing balance. Perform 20 rotations and then switch to the other leg.

Shoulder wall exercise.

To perform a fluid golf swing, it is important to have plenty of flexibility in the upper back and shoulders. Nevertheless, this can easily be lost during a period of time away from the golf course but this shoulder wall exercise is great.
With your feet 10 inches away from a wall rest your back against it with your arms out above your head and bent at the elbow. Besides, your head, shoulders and backside should also be against the wall.
Whilst in this position, slide your arms up and down the wall slowly. Then as you move your arms down, try and pinch your shoulder blades as this will help to get plenty of range in your movement.

Putting practice.

Now we have covered a few simple exercises you can do to keep in shape. Also you will improve your golf movement. However it is time to move on to playing the game. While it is not possible to practice using the driver in your house you can practice putting. All you need to do is place an object on the floor which acts as the hole. Finally, try to hit the ball into the object.
Actually, you can even play against someone else to add a competitive element to your putting practice.

Driving net.

On the other hand if you can have a delivery to your home you can invest in a driving net. You will be able to set this up in your garden and use it to practice your drive. Place it in a position which is safe. In this way, you can begin working on your golf swing outdoors without having to actually leave your own premises.

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