What’s new at Los Naranjos GC?

The mentality of our club is always to improve and innovate. In this way we can offer first class facilities to all our members, partners, collaborators and visitors.

During this year, 3 important improvements have been made. These are: a complete renovation of the restaurant, improvements in the driving range and the creation of a new halfway house.

Furthermore, a new collaboration has been implemented. From now on, Vacation Marbella will provide accommodation for golfers who wish to stay close to the golf course.

New restaurant, La Hacienda Food & Golf.

In the new vision of the restaurant, it has opted for comfort, design and elegance. From all that, the idea of ​​the complete renovation that the restaurant suffered last April arose.

Opening its doors with the intention to offer a fusion cuisine with Scandinavian influences. The restaurant features a new British-born executive chef, Simon James and a new manager, Chistian Andresen. Both have an experience of more than 25 years dedicated to the food & beverage industry.

Three main services are offered; breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition to that, throughout the day a fairly extensive snack service is also available.

La Hacienda Food & Golf, has a large terrace which is ideal for the more than 300 days of sunshine that Marbella has throughout the year. It also has private rooms and a fantastic wine cellar.

Improvements in the driving range.

We start from the idea of innovation and continuous improvement in the club facilities to offer something different in the driving range.

We have had the collaboration of BestGarden, a national leading company in installation of artificial grass on golf courses.

Their goals and ours; to offer more fun and perfecting the swing of the players. Now we have 8 target greens strategically placed along the driving range. They are greens designed to practise the approach and the backspin. In fact, they simulate the natural appearance of the lawn in both soft and semi-hard surface conditions.

The opening of the new halfway house.

Despite the improvements of the driving range and the re-opening of the new restaurant, we thought that both implementations were not enough for 2018. So we did not want to put an end to the process of improving the facilities before closing the year.

With reasons to please both, our members and more than 50,000 visitors we receive per year. It came the idea to offer a completely new facility. And finally, it was carried out the construction of the new halfway house.

It is strategically located between the green of the hole 9 and the tee of the hole 10. It is also attached to the putting green and driving range.

In it, snacks and drinks will be offered at times when the golf course is open to the public. On the other hand, it will serve as a strategic point to make a stop on the way in times of tournaments.

A new alternative to stay in Marbella.

For players wishing to stay near the golf course, we now have the collaboration of Vacation Marbella. We want to offer our visitors something different from Booking.com or Expedia.com.

Vacation Marbella is a company specialised in real estate. Its main function is to connect the owners of apartments and luxury villas around the best golf courses in Marbella with golfers who come to spend a few days with us in the city.

Currently, they manage a portfolio of more than 55 properties in Marbella, but they estimate that their growth will double during 2018. Nowadays, there are more golfers who prefer to stay in this type of property. Since unlike a hotel they will feel like at home.

At the same time, in the area of ​​Los Naranjos and Nueva Andalucia, there are many non-resident owners. They put their properties on rent when they are not occupied. They take advantage of the high season for golf that corresponds to the low season of tourism on the Costa del Sol. This is due to the great weather we have in the south of Spain throughout the year.

To conclude, we have not only invested in the functional and aesthetic part of the golf course. We have also done it in the technological part.

We launched the new website of Los Naranjos GC that is much more interactive and easy to navigate. In addition, Los Naranjos golf app has already been built to promote online services and to provide the players access to the course 24 hours a day.

Obviously, our idea of ​​improvement will not end here, as we continue to plan new improvements towards next year.

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