We interview Vigo Carlund, president of Los Naranjos GC

We have had the opportunity to interview the President of Los Naranjos GC, Vigo Carlund. We hope you find interesting his opinion and point of view in relation to many essential aspects of the golf club.

How long have you been the president of Los Naranjos GC?

I don’t remember exactly but probably 7 or 8 years …

What makes this field different?

The combination of club members and the green fee is something that sets us apart. We are among one of the golf courses with the highest occupancy in Europe in relation to the number of players. The percentage of Scandinavian members, for example, is also higher than among surrounding clubs. However, of course we have partners of any nationality.

Is there something that you feel can make Los Naranjos different from other clubs on the Costa del Sol?

For our members, our course is in a privileged place with great availability in relation to tee-time. Of course this is also due to the small number of partners. In addition, I believe that there is a great atmosphere, pleasant and of companionship among all the members, making them always feel at home, even if they are far from it …

We would like to know about upcoming projects. Tell us about short and long-term projects.

We continually work to get a field in optimal conditions and we are very happy to have owners who allow us to invest heavily in the field, as well as in their facilities. As you can see, the new tank will solve one of our main problems, the quality of the water. In addition, an additional 19th hole will allow us to improve our course in the event that, for construction reasons, this new one can be used in its absence. Since we have so many green fee players, we cannot afford the privilege of closing a hole for renovation reasons. Of course, we are proud to be able to offer availability to all of our partners.

What makes this place considered a paradise? Why is it one of the preferred golf destinations?

The coastal area around Marbella has the best climate in all of Europe. 75 fields cover all of Andalusia. There are great hotels, restaurants and a wide variety of interesting places to go when you are not playing golf.

Finally, what would you like to say about Marbella and its special relationship with golf?

Golf was already pointing ways back in the 60s and 70s when it was established as a favorite place for Scandinavians and British. Easy and comfortable access when traveling has also helped a lot. The European Tour has been held several times on the coast, as well as the Ryder Cup and this has also helped to position this area as a favorite place in the world of golf.

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