The iconic touch of Los Naranjos GC

The practise of golf has considerably increased over the last few years. Nowadays, a golfer who comes to play in Marbella not only looks for a golf course with impeccable fairways and facilities. He also requires a natural scenery that complements the beauty with the practice of this sport.

Los Naranjos golf club on the Costa del Sol has an unbeatable location. Thanks to Sierra Blanca with its highest mountain, La Concha. This mountain gives to this prestigious golf course the iconic touch during its first 9 holes. Spectacular views combined with the magnificent 18 holes of this course, offer pure fun and entertainment to any golfer.

La Concha (“The Shell”)

It is one of the most emblematic places of Marbella. Thousands of travellers come to this mountain for trekking every year. In fact, from its summit you can see the breathtaking views of the bay, Gibraltar and North Africa.

Even so, the reason for this particular name is unknown. Some people think that it is due to its shape, since its summit has some resemblance to a shell. While many others, believe that its name comes from sea remains and fossils found in this mountain. In this case, from sea shells that were found along with all the rest of the marine remains.

In summary, as a consequence of Sierra Blanca and La Concha, golfers can enjoy one of the most beautiful sceneries in Málaga. In addition, this mountain helps to protect us from the cold and strong winds. It is a natural barrier against weather inclemencies benefiting all the golf courses of this area.  

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