Notes from our Mens Captain at Los Naranjos GC

Ralph Hammar,  bought his house five minutes away from Los Naranjos GC, heard great things about the Club and became a member 19 years ago. He never had to choose among other clubs. It was Los Naranjos his first and right choice.

Few years ago, he became the captain of Los Naranjos Club team. He is also, to some extent, involved in the competitions for the Club. Furthermore, he has his own competition ”Captains price” and helps with price givings, etc.

Besides that, he is also a resource for both the Club and members when it comes to general questions about rules and competitions. Members often consult him about these questions and ask about what happens in the Club.

His role as a Captain.

Ralph is responsible for nominating the players who shall represent Los Naranjos GC in each Interclub Match. It goes without saying that his main task in to put together the best possible team.

The next step is to decide who in the team should play together. For example, one high handicapper together with one low, or two with similar handicap. However, the most important thing is to put together people who enjoy playing with each other.

When it comes to his personal skills as a captain, it is his enthusiasm for golf, friendship and willingness for representing Los Naranjos GC his greatest assets.

Ralph considers that what’s on your shoulders is the most important thing to win a match. Fitness and technique goes together, you need to be fit to have a good technique.

As captain he has the privilege to choose a player to play with. During the last years, he has been partnering with Mats Lindström who is one of our very best players in the Club. Once, they played against two younger men from Sotogrande Club. However, they had in favour the home course advantage and that Mats can beat anyone and also push Los Naranjos team members to do better what make them won their matches.

Interclub matches are not on that level of seriousness.

Here in Los Naranjos GC the team does his utmost to win the matches. However, networking with players from other fine golf clubs and have a pleasant day together is the most important thing for them.

Finally, in every tournament, they meet for coffee in the morning, start playing at 9:57 and end with a nice lunch after the matches. Fitting all this into a day, gives everyone the possibility to get home before dinner.

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