Los Naranjos GC was Golden at 59 Club Awards!

Los Naranjos Golf Club has done it again.

Last year, its General Manager, Julian Romaguera received the “Silver Flag” of service excellence at the 59 Club Gala Awards hosted at the emblematic Old Course of St. Andrews (Scotland). This year, it was last 12th March at Forest of Arden Marriot Hotel & Country Club (Birmingham, England) where the club from Marbella (Spain) would step forward in their brilliant performance by receiving the “Golden Flag” of service Excellence in these prestigious awards.

It was at this 10th edition of this international awards where the high level of quality service of Los Naranjos GC was appreciated as one of the best ones in Europe. This achievement makes it real last year promise from Mr. Romaguera after receiving the Silver award to make more efforts to get the “Golden Flag” in 2020.

In a brief speech at the prize reception, Mr. Romaguera showcased his satisfaction for this new international recognition at service excellence. After thanking 59Club for the celebration and congratulating the nominees and awarded clubs, Julian explained: “Since I arrived Los Naranjos GC in May 2016 it has been very important for me to implement the right values and service standards related to hospitality that would make our members and visitors feel special and appreciated. This is the proof of delivering quality service at all times and we look forward to improving in the coming years. I need to stress the professionalism of the team I am proud to lead that we no doubt will contribute to new celebrations in the future as we are celebrating today”

Los Naranjos GC is mainly a Pay & Play club with 300 members, however, achieved 54.000 rounds in 18 holes last year, making it one of the most successful commercial golf clubs in Spain. After the gala dinner, Julian was interviewed and asured the club was “eager to offer members a very unique place to satisfy their golf demands in a very active social environment, that was also one of the reason for having so many tournaments where they would promote the interaction between them”. Julian continued:

We have improved our golf course conditions a lot over the last years and we look forward to welcoming new members from everywhere around the world, Marbella and Los Naranjos GC are definitely very special places

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