1.- OUT OF BOUNDS: Areas marked with White Paint/stakes, beyond walls, fences the Driving range, clubhouse and parking are out of bound. The player has one option.

To play from the original position under penalty shot.

2.- INMOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS (Rule 16): Concrete paths, sprinkler heads, flower beds, ornamental rocks & staked trees.

3.- GROUND UNDER REPAIRAll the ground defined by blue line or blue stakes and any roped off areas. In addition, free relief is taken from all ground in the rough and on fairway that has been cut for drainage.

4.- RANGE FINDER REGULATION (Rule 4): A player can use the range finder for measurement of distance and not slope.

5.- STONES IN BUNKER (Rule 15): The stones, leaves, berries etc. in the bunker are considered movable obstructions.  

6.-PENALTY AREA (Rule 17): The bridges on holes number 3,4,5, 6 and 18 are part of the penalty areas and must be played under penalty areas conditions. To the back of hole 16 there is a defined Penalty Area. If your ball rests in this area you must use the mandatory Drop Zone next to the path towards the 17th green.


  1. If you have a rules issue that cannot be resolved, play two balls and a judgment will be made by the Competition Committee before you record your score.