Key factors to have fun while playing golf

Why play golf if you are not having fun? This is a question which often gets asked when a player looks down following a round. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as always having fun every time you step onto the golf course.
During a poor round, it can be difficult to keep the smile on your face. So, what are the key factors to have fun while playing golf at Los Naranjos GC?
Arguably the major reason some players do not have a great deal of fun when playing golf is their expectations. It is no good getting on the first tee and expecting you are going to hit under 80 if you have never come close before.

There is nothing wrong with setting goals but they must be achievable.

Perhaps you have hit a few scores at Los Naranjos in the low 90’s so hitting under 90 would be realistic. Keep your goals manageable and you will have more fun while playing golf.

Linked to this is the type of shots you play during a round.

You do not always have to play the ‘sensible’ shot but be realistic about what you can achieve. If you find the ball in the long rough and attempt to hit it 200 yards to the green, it is going to end in disappointment. Get the ball back in play and you will enjoy it more.
However, there is nothing wrong with trying something tricky around the green for example. This is the time to try the flop shot you have been practicing. Having practiced a specific shot and then to pull it off during a round is a great feeling. Seeing your practice sessions paying dividends in a round is one of the major factors to having fun.

Playing golf in Marbella with friends is very important.

Sometimes you may have no choice to play on your own. However, even if your friends are busy, you can ask someone at Los Naranjos golf club to join you. Playing with other people adds a whole new social element to playing golf. Being able to talk about the round or something completely different only adds more fun to the day.
If you are not playing well, having someone along with you for the ride is beneficial. Talking to them can help you take your mind off the shot you have just played. Playing with other people is a key factor to having fun while playing golf.
Finally, remember your best shots and you will have more fun on the golf course. If you concentrate on the best parts of your game it is only to bring a smile to your face. In case you are not playing well, think about a couple of good shots you played in your previous round. This will not only improve your mood but may also improve your score.

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