IGTM 2019 in Marrakech

The International Golf Travel Market brings together the golf travel community in one place. It is the perfect time for golf travel professionals to meet each other and grow their businesses.
Meetings are often pre-planned, but many happen during the event. You never know who you could meet and that’s what makes IGTM 2019 a must attend event for people in the golf industry. As a result, Los Naranjos Golf Club will be there, and we invite you to come to talk to us.
You must go back 21 years to find the first IGTM and in 2019 the event will take place in Marrakech, Morocco, at the Palais des Congrès between the 14th and 17th October 2019. For those who have never attended but are considering it this year, what can you expect at IGTM 2019 Marrakech? Why is it such a popular event?

You will find well over 1,000 different golf travel professionals at IGTM 2019 Marrakech.

More and more Los Naranjos GC is involved and has an interest in the golf travel industry. In fact, we believe this is the biggest meeting of the major players you will find anywhere on the planet.
Some of the attendees have been coming to IGTM since the first show 21 years ago. This highlights just how important it has become to them and their businesses. However, each year sees new attendees as the IGTM continues to expand.
So, as a trader, what can you expect to gain from booking a place at IGTM 2019 Marrakech? Firstly, the opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and companies and learn from them. Moreover, one conversation with someone can generate new ideas and could even transform your golf travel business.

For that reason many people return to the International Golf Travel Market because of the leads it generates.

Taking the figures from the 2018 event, there were golf travel professionals from over 65 different countries and that is sure to be the same this year. Other statistics to come out of the 2018 event include 82% of exhibitors met the right buyers for their company and 75% of buyers expected to place orders worth over €20,000.

The question is, can you afford to miss out on this when attempting to grow your golf travel company?
Actually, the IGTM 2019 Marrakech is not all about the golf travel businesses who are looking to expand their offering. It is also about the people who attend as visitors, being this one of the main reasons Los Naranjos is present every year. You may love travelling the world to play golf and what better place to make new contacts for your next trip than the IGTM?
However, the IGTM is targeted toward buyers. If you attend as a buyer, you will have the opportunity to personally meet the exhibitors of your choice, find new golf products to expand your portfolio and capitalise on the newest trends before they hit the mainstream market.
Finally, there is also an official golf tournament and buyers can participate in this event. It is a lot of fun and a great way to round off a tremendous event.

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