How to Apply Business Golf to Grow Your Company in Marbella

You have probably seen or heard how people have completed business deals on the golf course. There is nothing new in people discussing and securing big business deals while enjoying a round of golf. How do you go about it in Los Naranjos GC?
If you have never conducted business on the golf course, how could you start? And, what do you need to do to make it a success?

First thing to ensure when you apply business golf to grow your company.

Arrive at Los Naranjos golf course in plenty of time. If your tee time is 10 am, do not arrive at the golf club 5 minutes before. You will be rushing and that’s never a good look.
Think of it like arriving at a very important business meeting in the office boardroom. You not only want to arrive on time, you want to look the part too. Playing golf is not only an opportunity to impress a potential client with your golfing skills and business knowledge but also to dress well.
Golf encourages players to look the business and you can step onto the first tee looking very smart. Trousers, shoes, polo shirt and knitwear should be colour coordinated and look smart but not outrageous. Do not over do it on the bright colours and bold patterns but make a statement with a stylish ensemble.

Making a good first impression is vital when playing golf with a potential client.

If you are prompt and look the part, it provides a great building block for the round of golf and future business relationships.
During the round of golf at Los Naranjos, do not only talk business. Focus on the other people and take an interest in what they are doing. A round of golf can last for many hours and if you are also having dinner in the clubhouse, it is a long time to just talk business and nothing else. Discuss the golf and other interests they have. The business will come in time, do not come across as pushy or anxious.
It should go without saying that during the match you should always stick to the rules, etiquette and pace of play. If you are a beginner golfer, let the group know before you start and try not to spend too long looking for lost balls. Should you think you will lose balls, come prepared with plenty of spares in your bag.
Perhaps the most important thing to remember when applying business golf to grow your company in Marbella is to have fun. There is nothing wrong with laughing and even making the odd joke once you have assessed the mood of the group. However, stay away from laughing about another players poor shot unless they are laughing about it themselves.
Therefore, always judge each person as an individual and don’t forget to laugh at your own mistakes too.
This can lighten the mood, especially if you or the group are feeling a little nervous about the occasion.

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