Golf Course Top Maintenance.

Firstly every golfer turns up to a golf course expecting it to be in perfect playing condition. In many cases, golfers do not think twice about the effort and cost of maintaining a golf course. Also keeping it in top condition.
Why would they? In fact every amateur golfer is paying to play on a golf course and therefore they expect it to be in great condition. Moreover professional golfers arrive at a golf course knowing it has been chosen to host a professional event. That’s because of the quality of the playing surface.

But what makes Los Naranjos a good golf course and what needs to be done to keep the course in superb condition throughout the year?

In general 18 hole golf courses cover a large area. Therefore it is not possible for one person alone to maintain such a significant space. As a result, golf clubs around the globe will employ a team of people who are qualified to keep the golf course in top condition. The number of people employed by the golf course for this task will depend on the budget of the golf course. The more staff a golf course can employ for maintenance, the more efficient the team will be. Actually attention to detail for each employee at Los Naranjos GC is a must.
During the summer months in Marbella daily maintenance must begin very early in the day. It is important to work on the golf course without any players present. Otherwise this will only slow down the maintenance team later in the day.

Maintenance staff will begin mowing the various areas of the golf course where grass needs to be kept at a specific length.

For example the fairways are a good example and golfers expect consistency in the length of the grass. As a matter of fact it should remain the same every time they play the course. Regarding the greens, they may require more time than other areas of the golf course to keep in perfect condition.
Any debris which has found its way onto the golf course, this could be something as simple as leaves from trees, needs to be cleared away. Attention can then turn to the bunkers and these must be raked and prepared so the sand is smooth and ready for play. On the other hand some bunkers may need further attention. Perhaps need the addition of more sand or perhaps the edge of the bunker needs to be repaired.
Even though having completed these important tasks, the work does not end there. Also tee boxes need to be inspected and holes on the greens moved to new locations. In addition to mowers, strimmers are also required to trim the grass around the edges of bunkers and trees.

In conclusion much of the work of above must be carried out on a daily basis.

However, the replanting of fairways and greens can be complete at specific times of the year or as and when required. For that reason the time of year can also influence how and when golf course maintenance is complete. Because of that for many golf courses in Europe, a specific timetable for each month of the year is required.

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