Geoffrey Sacchi, the new chef at Hacienda Los Naranjos

“I grew up with my hand in the soil, growing vegetables with my grandfather.”

At the head of Hacienda Los Naranjos restaurant is now Geoffrey Sacchi, a French chef who appreciates the natural order of our land and the quality of the product.

“When I cook, I try to bring in that spirit from home,” he explains. “I’m sure most people agree that the cooking of our grandmother was always the best.”

Having received his training at the prestigious Lycee Paul Augier in Nice while studying the techniques of celebrated French chefs such as Joël Garault of the Hôtel Hermitage in Monte Carlo, Geoffrey’s illustrious career took him around the world, from Dubai to Spain to Ireland where he perfected his craft.

“One of the most important things I learned from my upbringing, my travel, my experiences and my education was to respect seasonal products— to work with nature. I cook what is in season and in doing so I take care of the environment.”

Enjoy the new menu at Hacianda Los Naranjos restaurant.

Geoffrey, our their new chef, and Amanda, the new restaurant manager have made an excellent menu, combining Scandinavian styles with French touches creating a surprising menu.

Discover the menu

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