Five things I wish I’d known when buying golf clubs.

On one hand, the huge choice available when buying golf clubs today is fantastic. There are some many brands and models of various clubs, we are spoilt for choice and there is something for everyone.
On the other hand, having so much choice can make choosing which golf clubs to buy difficult. Knowing how to narrow down the options would have been great when I was buying golf clubs. Having made the mistake of going out and simply buying ‘the best’ golf clubs I could afford, these are the five things I wish I’d known when buying golf clubs.

Buy clubs suitable to your ability.

You may have plenty of money to buy golf clubs but if you purchase the best money you can buy, they will not be suitable to your game. You must be honest with yourself and your ability. If you need forgiveness in your driver and woods, look for clubs that offer the most forgiveness. Should you don’t, you will have an expensive set of golf clubs you cannot use.

You do not need every iron.

You do not need to have a complete set of irons to play golf. In fact, many players struggle to use 2 and 3 irons and therefore never have them in their bag. They instead opt to have a hybrid club so when buying a set of irons, think about which clubs you will actually use during a round. If you will never use a 2 or 3 iron, what is the point of having it in your bag?

The putter.

Do not rush the purchase of your putter. I made the mistake of buying the putter I liked the look of most. It was an interesting design and I thought it looked modern. However, when I got on the practice green with it, I struggled to make a single putt. The mallet design was not suitable to my putting style but I failed to take that into consideration when buying my clubs.
The putter is arguably the most important club in your bag. Take your time when buying a putter and think about what you need. Have a practice using different putters in the store and see which one feels good before buying.

Shaft options.

One thing I failed to properly consider was the shaft options when buying golf clubs. The shaft composition and shaft flex are the two basic things to be aware of when making a purchase. Steel shafts are cheaper but graphite shafts are lighter and help with swing speed. If you are a beginner golfer, a graphite shaft with a softer flex is usually a good place to start.

Club fitting.

I thought buying golf clubs would be a simple thing. I’d simply have a practice swing with a few clubs in my price range and choose the ones that felt the best. However, in hindsight I wish I paid a little extra to have a club fitting.
Standard, off the shelf clubs are not suitable for all players. If you are considered tall or short, you are advised to seek out a club fitting. This will ensure you get the clubs suited to your size.

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