Choosing the right golf shoes

While much attention is given to choosing golf clubs, there are other items of golf equipment which are very important. A good example is golf shoes and choosing the right one is key.
There are many elements that combine to make up the perfect golf shoe. Things like comfort, support, flexibility, stability and weather resistance all play a major role in golf shoe design. Therefore, when choosing golf shoes, you must consider each of these elements.

On a basic level, there are two types of golf shoe.

One type has spikes and the other type is spikeless. So, what is the difference in terms of performance?
Spiked golf shoes offer more stability. The spikes provide plenty of traction as they push into the ground. They are great if you need a bit more support and will help grip the surface when it is wet. This is especially true if you are playing off a hill or steep slope.
Spikeless golf shoes offer more flexibility. As there are no spikes entering the ground, you will have more movement. Spikeless golf shoes are generally considered to be more comfortable and perform best in dry conditions. In addition, spikeless golf shoes can be worn off the course, especially if they come in a stylish design.

Talking about design.

You will need to decide what type of ‘look’ you would like to have at Los Naranjos golf course. The traditional golf shoe is smart and looks similar to a dress shoe. They are durable, often made of leather but require a bit of care to keep in good condition. Traditional style golf shoes cannot be worn off the course.
The modern style of spiked golf shoe looks more like trainers. They are lightweight and come in a variety of bold colours. However, like the traditional design, these cannot be worn off the course.
The modern spikeless golf shoe seems to be gaining in popularity. These golf shoes are more comfortable and often look like general sports trainers. They can be worn off the course but do not offer the same level of stability as spiked golf shoes.

When buying new golf shoes, you will need to try them on.

The fit has to be good because you do not want to be feeling uncomfortable when playing at Los Naranjos GC. You will also need to decide if a waterproof shoe is important for you. If you regularly play in dry conditions this will not be an issue. However, if you play where wet weather is a common occurrence, waterproof shoes would be a good option.
All the major brands have released new designs for 2019. Footjoy Fury, Under Armour Spieth 3, Nike Golf Air Zoom, Puma Ignite, Adidas Tour 360, Mizuno Nexlite Boa 005 and Skechers Go Golf Pro v4 are all examples of top golf shoes.
In any case you will find a full array of options within these golf shoes. Some are spiked, others are spikeless. Some are traditional others more modern. Take a look and see which design you prefer.

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