Camilla Lennarth is very happy with the election of Los Naranjos Golf Club as the host for the Andalucia Costa del Sol Open.

Camilla Lennhart has fallen in love with Los Naranjos due to its strategic holes, the excellent condition of its course, but most of all, the way she is treated in the club. She is so much in love with the club, that she has moved to an apartment so close that she can walk to the course, to live there the whole year. The Ladies European Tour player also likes very much the Club’s atmosphere and its practice facilities.

Camilla started the season this year in Italy and she will finish it here, at her new home, in November playing the Spanish Andalucia Costa del Sol Open. When she moved here last October, the host hadn’t been chosen yet, so the announcement has made her very happy: “Los Naranjos treats me very well. I’m always welcome to come and practice, to use their facilities and play as much golf as I want. I’m very happy to play the Ladies European Tour here and to be able to show what a beautiful golf course this is. It is very well designed and always in the best condition, so I’m sure that all the players will enjoy it here”, she says.

Camilla thinks that Los Naranjos Golf club, as a competition course, has all the requirements necessary for the tournament to be a success:

“I think that there are many good but complicated golf holes, on which you have to think for a while before facing them. There are a few strategic holes on which you can win or lose because you have the chance of a birdie or you can end up in the water. And then, you finish with that wonderful par five hole on which you can even take the risk to play an eagle or be more conservative, before the lake. I’m sure this is a great end for a tournament, because it is a hole that provides a lot of content. Furthermore, if there is an audience, the atmosphere can be fantastic because this hole can be seen from the Club House”. She explains.

The different positions for the flagsticks that the course allows will make each player change their strategies, so the game will be more exciting and enjoyable every day. Camilla is sure that she is going to receive many phone calls from family and friends who want to come to the great event. Up to now she has already had many visitors, but of course, who wouldn’t want to come to Marbella and play in Los Naranjos?

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