Buying a Property on a Golf Resort.

It is believed the first golf course community was created in the United States in the 1920’s.  It included several homes where people could stay during the winter months. The objective was to escape the cold of their permanent address and enjoy playing golf in warmer weather.

In many respects, these principles still apply today, specially on the Costa del Sol. Many people buy a residential property on a golf course to enjoy the weather and of course play golf.

Back in the 1920’s, the homes were quite simple. They did not have a kitchen as the people staying there were expected to dine with each other in the main clubhouse each night.  However, that has changed a great deal over time and today. You can purchase a residential golf course property ultra-modern and with everything you could wish for in a home.

Whether it be the United States, Thailand, Australia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey or the United Arab Emirates, you will find some spectacular homes for sale on golf courses.  You do not only get the benefits of access to the golf course as and when you like. These properties often include private swimming pools, Jacuzzi’s, fully fitted luxurious kitchens and bathrooms plus much more.

Buying a residential property on a golf course like Los Naranjos is not all about the accommodation, there are other factors making them very attractive.

Many residential golf course properties come with their own private shops.  These could be supermarkets but some also boast other stores including clothes shops and sporting goods.  Then there is the local community.  Los Naranjos GC has regular social events which allows you to get together with other people who live in property on the golf course and make new friends.

Many communities which live on golf courses also organise special days out.  It could be a trip to a local nature reserve like La Concha or national park for example.

The security at golf course property is usually very good.

There are many gated which means no one other than those living there or receiving guests can enter.  This provides peace of mind for people who have made a big investment in their property.

Buying a residential property on a golf course does not come cheap but everything is relative and for some people. Golf property on a course in Marbella for example can prove to be very good value.

Before buying a property on a golf course, it is wise to check the type of owners already at the course.  Is the property aimed for people with young families or is it for those who have retired?  It could be aimed at investors who then rent out the property to groups of people wanting to play golf.

Residential property on a golf course is often considered a great way to retire but appeals to people of all ages.  With fabulous designs, excellent facilities and beautiful surroundings, who wouldn’t want to live in Marbella on a golf course like Los Naranjos?

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