Add fun when you play golf.

 At Los Naranjos GC we create trends among the golf courses of the Costa del Sol.We try to be the pioneers and bring to our course all the innovations that are created. Thus, we make golf a more fun and complete sport.

For this reason, for the most adventurous golfers we have golf boards that will add extra adrenaline to their game.

It is like practising two sports in one. Using the golf board is the closest thing to surfing on the fairways of Los Naranjos. The holes with certain slopes will make you feel an effect as if you were up on a surfboard and ride on the waves.

They have a unique design. In fact, they have been developed for an exclusive use in golf courses that supports this innovative individual buggy.

The golf boards help the maintenance of the course.

In Marbella, we have the best climate of Spain throughout the year. However, this pleasant annual temperature brings with it the lack of rain on the Costa del Sol. Therefore, the lack of water makes it more difficult the caring and maintenance of all golf courses in the area.

Another great advantage that brings golf boards is the reduction of the impact of the wheels on the fairways. This reduction can reach up to 30% compared to the traditional buggy. All thanks to the design of its wheels and the weight of it.

In summary, golf boards provide added fun to the game and benefits on the course care. Consequently, these have been the main reasons for the acquisition of golf boards in Los Naranjos GC. 

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